Omaeläinklinikka has 12 clinics around Finland offering a wide range of veterinary services for your pet.

Two of our clinics are in Helsinki:

Omaeläinsairaala Mevet 24/7 – Veterinary hospital in Helsinki

Mevet is a highly respected veterinary hospital in Helsinki, in Pitäjänmäki district. We have been operating since 1974. We aim to provide the best possible medical care for your pet every moment of the year – 24/7.

In addition to covering all the regular veterinary procedures we also offer wide range of specialist services with nearly 50 years of experience. Whether your pet needs physiotherapy or advanced surgery or anything in between we are able to provide.

Address: Höyläämötie 5, 00380 Helsinki

By appointment: Mon – Fri 7.30-20.00, Please, schedule an appointment: 09 565 5600,

24/7 emergency and critical care 0600 55 6500 (1,99€/min)

You can come to our hospital any time and from anywhere when your pet has a major issue that needs to be seen immediately. If possible, please give us a call before coming to our emergency.


We are here for you and your pet, welcome!

Omaeläinklinikka Eira – Veterinary Clinic in Helsinki

Address: Telakkakatu 3, 00150 Helsinki

By appointment:

Please, schedule an appointment: 09 8567 6643,

The veterinary clinic Omaeläinklinikka Eira is providing pet care in the Eira district of Helsinki. Our veterinarians and nurses are serving you and your pet in spacious and modern facilities. Our veterinarians provide service in Finnish, English, Swedish and French.

You can bring your pet to the clinic early in the morning and pick him/her up later at your own convenience, for example after work. Procedures are then performed during daytime.

Our services are: